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The Iconic Tastes Of The World that El-Dina brings to you a variety of gourmet flavours in retail packs that excite your palate.


Take trip with El-Dina with our extensive range of premium quality ambient, chilled, frozen halal meat products and meat floss available in retail packs.

viya Crab.jpg

Viya Crab Products was established in 2005 to produce canned crab meat products.


Starting as an OEM with almost all products exported to the US, in 2008, the company created the Siam Crab brand to export canned pasteurised crab meat to many markets in the region, such as Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Kizmiq Logo.jpg

Kizmiq gives you more – because it’s simply more filling for the wide range of halal meat products and meat floss in bulk packs. It is value for money and targeting at the foodservice customers.


Known as Pumpui Brand in Thailand, Smiling Fish is one of Thailand's leading brands of canned sardines, canned mackerels,  cannedcatfish and it's signature fried baby clams, with products well accepted both local and overseas market.


Smiling Fish's vision is  to create delicious smile and better living for people with the finest experience from our ongoing nutritional seafood innovations.


Farmpride is the pioneer brand for chicken nuggets since 1994, and is recognised by its iconic thumb, which denotes Good, Number One and Quality.


Bringing Life's Little Enjoyment, Farmpride is the ideal convenience food for all occasions!


The Chilli Brand rice vermicelli is manufactured exclusively by People Bee Hoon Factory. Despite facing stiff competition from both local & international competitors, our Chilli Brand rice vermicelli is still the leading market brand in Singapore.


This is achievable because of their consistent delivery of promise of quality-assured product, and backed by more than 70 years of manufacturing experience.


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