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Product Details:
El-Dina Shredded Chicken Available 4 Flavours:
- Shredded Chicken 85g (Springwater)
- Shredded Chicken 85g (Mayonnaise)
- Shredded Chicken 85g (Tandoori)
- Shredded Chicken 85g (Peri-Peri)


Perfect for families, kids, gym-goers, office workers and anyone with a busy lifestyle, El-Dina Shredded Chicken is available in 4 delicious flavours – Spring Water, Mayonnaise, Tandoori and Peri-Peri - to suit your lifestyle and your taste buds!


✅ Singapore’s 1st shelf stable Shredded Chicken
✅ Made with 100% shredded chicken breast
✅ Is a great source of protein
✅ Alternative option to seafood/tuna/mackerel
✅ Ready to eat, Convenient and Nutritious
✅ Zero preservatives
✅ Trans-fat free


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[Bundle of 24] El-Dina Shredded Chicken Halal - Mayo,Tandoori,Springwater,Peri

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